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Hey there!  I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Tabitha & you’ve just entered my little corner of the world!  If you wanted to describe me in a few phrases it would go something like this: wife to my best friend, mom to some crazy wonderful boys, Jesus follower, coffee fanatic, crossfit enthusiast (yes, I’m one of those…) music lover & movie buff…   I think that about sums me up… Well that and I’m in LOVE with photography!

I’ve always tinkered with a camera, but it was when my youngest son went to school that my real journey with photography began.  I love the stories photos tell & the memories they bring to my mind.  I’ve been shooting for many years now and what I really love are the families I get to meet & spend time with, helping them to keep their own memories.

My own little family is grown now & I can tell you from experience life runs by WAY faster than you plan.  I love life everyday, each new season is exciting and full of promise, but I’m also thankful for the images I have to remember those times when our house was really noisy & chaotic from 3 rambunctious boys running amuck!